Our services include programmes that focus on the key foundations of business and performance change.

It is likely that your needs will fall under one of the following categories, we will work with you to understand what services you require for your situation.

Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement is working with your business to identify where you can improve bottom line performance from a profitability, efficiency, quality and reputation point of view.

Performance Improvement works through the following stages to deliver real change for your business.

  • Problem Diagnosis
  • Identify Quick Wins
  • Define
    • New Vision
    • New Management
    • New Metrics
  • Implement the Change Plan
  • Deliver

Programme Management

Programme Management is a structured management process for deliver significant business change within your organisation.

  • Clarify the Vision
  • Identify the Burning Platform
  • Building your Change Plan
    • Timelines
    • Milestones
    • Dependencies
  • Build your Capability
    • People
    • Skills
    • Process
    • Technology
  • Benefit Realisation Streams
    • Deliver the Vision
    • Measure success
    • Deliver

Shared Services

Shared Services is working with your business to centralise and consolidate your organisational structure, focusing on cost savingsefficiency and improvements in customer service. Shared Services works through the following stages to deliver centralisation and real change for your business.

  • Clarify the Strategy
  • Build your Target Operation Model
    • Structure
    • Processes
    • Technology
  • Identify Location options
    • Property
    • People
    • Contracts
  • Build implementation plan
    • Delivery Team
    • Support
    • Project Management
    • Communication
    • Stakeholder Management
  • Deliver