Programme Management Uncovered – Part 6


Benefits Tracking – ideally at some point in the Discovery fact finding stage, some benchmarks have been captured.  These could include Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), service levels, maturity profiles, and costs.  So as part of the Benefit Realisation process, the new state can be measured and compared against the original situation.  There are many theories and processes for benefit realisation.  So these need to be agreed on at the set up stage.    Refer to the paper in the attachments.

Finally, one of the last tasks is to carry out a “lessons learned” exercise – so ascertain from the stakeholders how they thought the Programme had been managed.  This can be done in focused interviews, in groups who could run a brainstorm session, or on line using one of the survey tools such as survey monkey.   Findings should be collated, digested and shared with the key stakeholders.

On a recent programme, when I asked a good colleague if I could give them feedback part of the way through the assignment, he replied “Feedback is the breakfast of Champions” – I think he meant it.

Attachments – Benefit realisation model and Critical success factors

In conclusion, and to summarise the above into 14 key messages:

  1. Develop and agree a shared Vision/direction
  2. Agree and communicate the Priorities
  3. Understand the Complexities
  4. Understand the Politics
  5. Keep lots of Metrics
  6. Strive for “vanilla” solutions wherever possible
  7. Focus on the Outcomes and Benefits
  8. Get the Right people on the Team
  9. Keep them Motivated, and push for a “can do “ mentality
  10. Maintain Focus and Momentum
  11. Put the right Plans and Measurement processes in place
  12. Ensure there is lots of Communications
  13. If there is an elephant in the room, get the subject matter out in the open
  14. Be passionate about Delivery and Quality